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National Lottery Act 2005

02 Jul National Lottery Act 2005

About the Law This Act of the Federal Republic of Nigeria provides for the operation of the national lottery and the establishment of the National Lottery Regulatory Commission charged with responsibility for the regulation of the business of national lottery in Nigeria as well as the...

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how to register an ngo in nigeria

02 Jul How to Register an NGO in Nigeria

Steps to registering an NGO in Nigeria Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), sometimes called Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). They are non-profit, voluntary citizen’s groups organised for a common interest and perform a variety of service and humanitarian functions. They are organised around specific issues, such as human rights,...

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02 Jul Terrorism (Prevention) Act 2011

About the Law This law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria provides for measures for the prevention, prohibition and combating of acts of Terrorism, and the financing of terrorism in Nigeria. Key provisions: Prohibition of acts of terrorism Prohibition of terrorist organisations Prohibition of support or harbouring...

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