How to get a Tourist Visa to Nigeria


Foreigners who want to visit Nigeria may want to come in for different reasons. Generally there are 6 different types of visas to enter Nigeria. These are as follows:

  1. Transit Visas – this is a visa you will need to obtain if you are only passing through Nigeria in order to get to your final destination.
  2. Tourist Visas – this is a visa you require if you want to visit Nigeria in order to tour the country or to visit friends and relatives.
  3. Business Visas – this visa is required if you are coming into the country for business or investment purposes.
  4. Temporary Work Permit – this is a class of work visas where overseas workers come into the country for specific tasks over a very short period of time.
  5. Subject to Regulation (STR) Visa – this is a type of work visa for foreign workers who have been offered employment with Nigerian companies. In order to offer a STR visa, the Nigerian company must have been granted an Expatriate Quota by the Nigerian Ministry of Internal Affairs
  6. Diplomatic Visa – this is a visa for diplomats and workers in international bodies.

For the purposes of this post we shall only be looking at the process to apply for the grant of a tourist visa. In order to apply for a tourist visa, these are the documents required:


  1. A VALID INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT: This goes without saying, if you want to apply for a tourist visa, you have to already possess an international passport which is valid in your home country and must have an expiry date of over 3 months after the visit to Nigeria. So, if you want to come to Nigeria from April-May 2018, the passport should be valid till at least August 2018. The passport should also have at least one blank page that is available for the Nigerian visa stamp to be affixed on it.


  1. VISA APPLICATION FORM: The Nigeria Immigration Service has made the visa application forms available online to speed up the application process. You can download the forms here – Visa Application Form


  1. LETTER OF INVITATION: If the reason you are visiting the country is to visit relatives or friends in Nigeria, then you should ask the person you are visiting to send an invitation letter. The information which will need to be included in the letter would be- the details of your relationship, proposed length of stay in the country, proposed place of stay, contact information of your host, and also a declaration that the host will be responsible for you abiding by Nigerian laws while you are in the country.


  1. PROOF OF TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS: You will need to provide things like a valid international flight return ticket, evidence of hotel bookings (if you will not be staying with your host), proof of sufficient funds to cover your expenses while you are in Nigeria.


  1. MEDICAL REQUIREMENTS: The medical requirement is an International Certificate of Vaccination against Yellow Fever


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