Employees’ Compensation Act 2011

About the Law

This Act of the Federal Republic of Nigeria repeals the Workmen’s Compensation Act Cap. W6, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004. It makes comprehensive provisions for payment of compensation to employees who suffer from occupational diseases or sustain injuries arising from accident at workplace or in the course of their employment.

Some key provisions:

  • Makes the law applicable to all employers and employees in both the public and private sector in Nigeria
  • Makes all members of the Armed forces (except those employed in a civilian capacity) exempt from the provisions of the law
  • Establishes the National Social Insurance Trust Fund Management Board (the Board)
  • Lays out the procedure for making a claim – notice must be giving within 14 days of the occurrence of the injury, occupational disease, or death
  • Employer in turn to report this to the Board within 7 days
  • Provides for the types of injuries individuals can claim compensation for
  • Makes any agreement between the employer and employee to waive the rights provided

You can read the full provisions of the Act here – Employees Compensation Act 2011

NB- the document reads Employee Compensation Act 2010 because that is the year it was passed by the Legislature, it was signed into Law by the President in 2011.

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