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The Nigerian Judiciary

15 Jun How to Be a Judge in Nigeria

The Nigerian Judiciary The Judiciary is an important part of the Government as it is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that the laws of the land are adhered to. It is sometimes referred to as the ‘last hope of the common man’. For a judiciary...

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14 Jun The Nigerian Companies Income Tax Act

About the Law This law makes provisions for the taxation of companies in Nigeria. Some key provisions Imposition of tax on profits of companies derived from trade, business, rent, premium, dividends, royalties etc process for ascertaining the taxing of authorised unit trust schemes Profits which are exempted...

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13 Jun National Identity Management Commission Act 2007

About the Law This Act was passed to establish a National Identity Database and the National Identity Management Commission which is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the National database register. Some key provisions Establishes the National Identity Management Commission, and provides for its membership and functions ...

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