How to stop receiving unsolicited calls and texts in Nigeria

Stopping Spam Texts and Calls

Do you ever get those annoying texts asking you to send ‘wisdom’ to 90987 and get daily updates on quotes by the world’s wisest men, or those automated calls asking if you would like to opt in to receive tips about ‘how to be a better lover’?…so annoying!

Well, if you like many other Nigerians hate receiving these unsolicited, unwanted and frankly spam calls and messages, this article is just for you! This article will explain the step by step process laid out by the Nigerian Communication Commission to stop your network provider from sending these messages to you.

Firstly, you should understand that this service is not all spammy and unhelpful, and hundreds of thousands of people find some of the services and messages really helpful, in fact we (LawPàdí) have our own service with Airtel and Etisalat, so if you want to get daily legal updates from us, all you need to do is text ‘lawpadi’ to 3370 on Etisalat, and to 28059 on Airtel, and get great legal updates direct to your mobile phone. (The service costs N20/sms)

So here are the steps laid out by NCC to stop receiving those nuisance messages and calls. The NCC has laid out 2 separate processes, you can either have a Full Do Not Disturb (DND) or a Partial DND.

A Full DND is when you do not want to receive any unsolicited messages whatsoever. What you need to do for a Full DND is to text the word ‘STOP’ to 2442. This should automatically remove your number from all marketing messages.

A Partial DND is when you still want to receive marketing messages, but only from specific sectors. Below are the different words you need to text to 2442 to opt in for those specific sectors:

  • “SMS 1” for receiving SMS relating to Banking/Insurance/Financial products to 2442.
  • “SMS 2” for receiving SMS relating to Real Estate to 2442.
  • “SMS 3” for receiving SMS relating to Education to 2442.
  • “SMS 4” for receiving SMS relating to Health to 2442.
  • “SMS 5” for receiving SMS relating to Consumer goods and Automobiles to 2442.
  • “SMS 6” for receiving SMS relating to Communication/ Broadcasting/ Entertainment/ IT to 2442
  • “SMS 7” for receiving SMS relating to Tourism and Leisure to 2442.
  • ‘SMS 8″ for receiving SMS relating to Sports to 2442.
  • “SMS 9′ for receiving SMS relating to Religion( Christianity, Islam, others) to 2442.

The shortcode works for all networks.

If you send a request for a Full or Partial DND, and your network operator fails to action this, and you are still receiving unwanted soliciting messages, then you can report to the NCC.

To make a complaint, you can call the Complaints line on 622, or you can email them at, or complete an online complaint here –

So there you have it, all the steps to follow to stop receiving nuisance marketing calls on your mobile phone in Nigeria.

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