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i offered my landlord a six month rent payment after the initial one year expired, and he turned it down… whats the soluton to tis matter… I understand 6 months suffice under the Fashola’s Lagos tenancy laws


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Thank you for contacting us.

If you previously paid one year rent, then your tenancy was a yearly tenancy. If at the end of that tenancy you decided to offer your landlord 6 months rent, then that means you offered to change the tenancy to a 6 month tenancy. Your landlord is fully within his/her rights to reject that offer. The Lagos Tenancy Law does not make it mandatory for a landlord to accept an offer of rent for less than the preceding tenancy period.

We suggest that you negotiate with your landlord, as based on the information you have provided he/she is not in breach of any tenancy law in Lagos.

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