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Good day,
I was overcharged on a call I made over a month ago by my service provider and I’ve called over and over again the customer care representative but to no avail, even every agents that I spoke with confirm my claims.
this actually didn’t go well with me. Do I have a case? Because I felt been cheated and defrauded and I’ve had issues with this service provider even in the time past but got robbed just like that. Not again. Please what do I do?

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Thank you for contacting us.

The steps we would suggest you take are:
1. Write an official complaint letter to your service provider outlining your grievance and email to their complaints department, in the letter state that you are giving them 7 days to respond to your complaint or you will report the matter to the Consumer Protection Council (CPC). You can use this template – Mobile Network Complaint

2. If you do not get a response, then you should make a complaint letter to the CPC, explaining what has gone on and the fact that service provider has not responded to your complaint. You can read more about complaining to the CPC here –
The CPC should deal with your complaint effectively and efficiently.

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