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Thank you for your articles, they are enlightening. But I would like to know more about work hours and off days. This is in respect to shift jobs.
Also how many work hours should there be in a week. Is there are rules for working weekends and public holiday.
Thank you.

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Thank you for your question.

The exact work requirements will be based on a number of factors, most especially the nature of your job (certain jobs are not included under the Labour Act). If your job is covered by the Labour Act please note that there are no specific limitations on working on weekends/public holidays or on what the working hours should be. All the Labour Act states is that the working hours will be decided by mutual agreement; or by collective bargaining within the organisation or industry concerned; or by an industrial wages board. The Labour Act also provides that in every period of seven days a worker shall be entitled to one day of rest which shall not be less than 24 consecutive hours.

If your job is not covered by the Labour Act then it is a matter of what has been included in your contract. If the terms included in the contract are unfair then, there is scope for it to be challenged in court. However, we are unable to give you a broad answer as regards how many work hours there should be in a week, and working on weekends/public holidays.

You can read more about the Labour Act here –

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