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Please kindly define legally the above mentioned (Marital and Non-Marital Property).

Secondly, I bought a piece of Land in my name before I got married and have been developing same even after been married, my spouse not making ANY financial contribution to the property; Does this property qualify as marital property?

Thirdly, I also have another landed property I bought after I got married, without any financial contribution from my wife, does this qualify as non-marital property also?

The Car my wife drives, I bought in my name, during divorce does, does she gets the car as hers?

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Thank you for your question.

There is no ‘legal’ definition of marital and non-marital property that we are aware of. If your question is with respect to sharing property in the case of a divorce, the discretion is up to the court on how property is shared. Questions around how property will be shared in the event of a divorce is something we cannot give information on, as the power to determine this rests slowly with the Judge in a divorce matter. There are rules for the judge to follow when deciding these things, however that is on a case by case basis and it is something we are unable to advise on.

We suggest you speak to a lawyer to give you more guidance on the issue.

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