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Good day sir/Ma

I made an investment with a popular company in nigeria(oko oloyun worldwide) that promised 10 percent return every 2 month  precisely June 2019 and I was only paid once . unfortunately, the owner of the company died January this year . A commitee was created to communicate with the family members and since then they have been promising to pay back the money up till now the money has not been paid .All the phone nos on the company are nos used by their staff and when u call the nos they hardly pick and when they pick they say they are no longer working with the company

Recently, a committee member who is also an investor has switched off his phone and also refuse to reply his WhatsApp messages

I have all the documents they gave me for the investment and also the evidence of payment .

What can I do to get my invested money back ?

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Thank you for contacting us.

We are sorry to hear about your experience.

We suggest that you make a complaint to the police, if you show evidence of the fraud the police are able to block the account and prevent the person from accessing the funds, and then they will be able to bring the person in to either arrest him or to get your money paid back to you.

We wish you all the best.

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