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Good afternoon Sir,

I resigned from my last place of work(Teaching) last month end(June ending) after satisfying all necessary conditions. I moved to a new school the following week. I  discovered I was paid by my last employer for the month of June which I didnt work for with them; through a salary account I opened while with them.

Due to impecunious  reasons, I have withdrew part of the money since my new employer are yet to pay for the month of June and I am thinking of returning it to them in later time.

But I am as well thinking I am not at fault as I am no longer with them and this they very well know of therefore they shouldnt have make such a mistake of paying an employer that had moved out of their organization.

I therefore need your legal advice here as I really need money to take care of my family and offset some bills presently.



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Thank you for contacting us. If you were overpaid salary or paid after you had left the employment, you should return the money to your employer as it was clearly paid in error. Salary is consideration paid in exchange for work done. If you have not done the work, then you are not contractually entitled to the salary.

You are correct when you say that it is not your fault that the money was paid to you, but once it was paid you should have informed them and returned it. Knowingly spending the money when you are aware that you are not entitled to it cannot be blamed on your employer.

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