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I am a contract staff, who made and found a mathematical formular, in the monitoring of chemical concentration levels for optimal operation of the plant’s unit.

This was over 10 years ago, I have not been adequately compensated and till today the company still uses my formular for monitoring the chemical concentration for optimal operation of the Plant.

I have the original manuscripts handwritten by me in the book during my scientific findings.

  1. Am I entitled to any form of compensation for my discovery?
  2. If Yes, how do I get Justice?
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Thank you for contacting us.

With respect to your question, when an individual is employed by a company, the law generally is that any discoveries made during the carrying out of the work will be classed as ‘work product’ and all rights would belong to the employer. However, in your specific case you have said you are were a contract worker, therefore if you were an independent contractor it is possible you could still retain the rights to your discovery/invention/

We would suggest you consult with a qualified intellectual property lawyer who will review the discovery you made, and also review your contract with the company to determine what rights you could potentially have.

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