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Good Morning,

I required your aid service to a matter in relation to employees payoff,
An working in a construction, with over five years of service, and from my date of joining
to this company, they often make payoff as follow;
1 year in Service , at resignation or termination, employee will be paid ONE Month Salary,
 2 years in Service , at resignation or termination, employee will be paid TWO Months Salary,
It continues on same thread,if its 5 years, 5 Months Salary will paid, plus any un-used annual leave balance as at the date of resignation or termination.
But, all of Sudden, the Management said ,they are NOT Paying again
EXCEPT any employees can prove to them, if its on LABOUR LAW for them to continue,
How can you rescue me and other local employees from this very company,
I will appreciate your quick respond,
Best Answer


Thank you for contacting us. The option available to you will depend on whether or not you have an Employment Contract in place which states this entitlement or if it is contained in any Staff Handbook or policy document. From the perspective of current Nigerian Labor Law, there is no law that mandates that payments must be made to employees based on the structure you have outlined.

The issue will depend on whether or not you were promised such arrangement before you joined the company and therefore joined as a result, or whether during the course of your employment this was promised by conduct and therefore a new contract was created. Please note that these are technical legal situations and terms and therefore you need to speak to a lawyer directly to advise you. You should consider requesting a paid consultation with a lawyer here (either professional or premium) –

We hope you have found this information helpful. Please note that this information is provided for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice. No lawyer-client relationship is formed nor should any such relationship be implied. It is not intended to substitute for the advice of a qualified lawyer.

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