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I need a competent lawyer for a pressing debt recovery issue. I invested short term with a company and even though, they are still open for investments and have paid in the past, they have refused to pay me and some investors.

They were said to be a reputable company with subsidiaries until late last year when they began compromising their values. I requested for my capital between October 2019 and November 2019, so that they could pay the accrued return when the company becomes stable in the near future all to no avail.

Efforts to reach this company one on one has been futile and instead of honoring the agreement, they give excuses. Though, this company often sends newsletters on when they were set to pay, when the stated payment date was due, more newsletters comprising new set of excuses surfaces instead. I have experienced hardships in the past months as a result and this has affected me in many ways.

Please advice. My investment was due 4 months ago and I need to include all accrued costs to date as my investment has been left idle for no apparent reason other than Greed from my finding. There has been no form of compensation from this company to date and a lot more false updates from their end.

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