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I met one person on telegram named cyrus peronni with telegram username cyrusperron, she gave me a fake Facebook account with the name cyrus peronni. The claimed to be a female not knowing it was a male, so we had business together,he was giving me signals to trade on binance, it got to a point that i was doing nursing council exam in school, so i told him to help me with my coins so that i can gain all my lost coins, i told him that the bitcoin wasn’t mine, he said i should send that he promise to help me get back all the bitcoin in one month. So i send the bitcoin to him to help me trade with it. I later got to know that he already blocked me on telegram, and that he refused to pick all my calls… This is number +2348165048766… And i noticed there was a number he do call me on then if he wants me to come online +2348130212045, and i just called this number, a man picked it and told me that the guy is his younger brother, he said i should come to anambra and arrest the guy, and dat the guy uses his number to open telegram to scam people of their money. This is his brother number+2348130212045

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Thank you for contacting us.

We are sorry to hear about your experience.

We suggest that you make a complaint to the police, if you show evidence of the fraud the police are able to block the account and prevent the person from accessing the funds, and then they will be able to bring the person in to either arrest him or to get your money paid back to you.

We wish you all the best.

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