The Nigerian Legal Aid Act

About the Law

This Act repeals the Legal Aid Act, Cap.L9 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004. It was enacted to provide for the establishment of legal aid and access to justice fund into which financial assistance would be made available to indigent citizens to prosecute their claims in accordance with the Constitution.

Some key provisions

  • Establishes the Legal Aid Council and the composition and functions of its Governing board
  • The scope of legal aid – Criminal Defence service, advice and assistance in civil matters, and community legal services
  • Establishment of the Legal Aid fund
  • Persons eligible for legal aid – persons whose incomes do not exceed the national minimum wage
  • Preparation and maintenance of a panel of legal practitioners willing to act for persons receiving legal aid
  • The Legal Aid Council to conduct inspection of prisons, police cells etc to assess the circumstances under which the suspected persons are being detained

You can read all the provisions of this law here – Legal Aid Act 2011

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