Nigeria Minerals and Mining Act 2007

About the Law

This Act was established for the purposes of regulating all aspects of the exploration and exploitation of solid minerals in Nigeria.

Some key provisions:

  • Gives ownership of all mineral resources in Nigeria and in the Exclusive Economic Zone to the Federal Government for and on behalf of the people of Nigeria
  • Prohibits exploration of minerals without authority
  • Establishes the Mining cadastre office
  • Provides for competitive bidding of exploration licences and mining leases
  • Provides that the use of art for mining shall constitute an overriding public interest and shall have priority over other uses of land
  • Establishment of the Solid Minerals Development Fund and its management board
  • All operators to keep records and plans of exploration and exploitation
  • Grant of mineral titles – Reconnaissance permit, Exploration licence, Mining Lease, Quarry Lease, and Water Use permit
  • Qualification, Duration, and Obligations of grantees

You can read all the provisions here – Nigerian Minerals and Mining Act 2007

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