How to Remove a Trustee of an NGO in Nigeria

How to Remove a Trustee of an NGO

A NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) is registered as an Incorporated trustee under Part C of the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA). According to the provisions of The CAMA an Incorporated Trustees are non – business and non – profit making organizations. They are formed by a people bound together by customs, religion, kinship or nationality or any association of persons established for any religious, educational, literary, scientific, social, development, cultural, sporting or charitable purpose. This article outlines the steps and procedure as provided by law for the removal of the trustee of an NGO in Nigeria.

The procedure on how to remove a trustees or to appoint additional trustees is provided under the CAMA.

The procedure are as follows;

  1. Hold a general meeting adopting the proposed change
  2. Advertise notice of application for change of trustees and amendment of the Constitution in two daily newspapers within 28 days.
  3. Make a formal application to the CAC with the appropriate forms and documents.
  4. The notice published in the newspapers shall state names of old trustees indicating those to be removed, names of proposed trustees and shall invite objections to the application within 28 days of publication.

Please note that an Incorporated trustee must have a minimum of two trustees, thus the NGO must have at least two trustees in his Governing body. So if there are only two Trustees, another will have to be appointed in other to replace the Trustee that is removed.

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