Can Foreign students get admission into the Nigerian Law School?

Can Foreign students get admission into the Nigerian Law School?

One of the more popular questions we get asked via email from users on the website is from students currently in foreign universities asking whether they can get into the Nigerian Law School with their foreign qualification, so we decided to answer this question with this short article.

To be accepted into the Bar 1 program of the Nigerian Law School (Bar 1 is compulsory for all foreign degree holders), the candidate must have a ‘Qualifying Degree Certificate’ this means a Degree in Law or a Mixed Degree in Law of a University in a Common-Law Country whose course of study is approved by the Council of Legal Education. In all cases, the Law subjects taken must include the Law of Contract, the Law of Tort, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Land Law, Equity and Trusts, the Law of Evidence, and Commercial Law. Each of these subjects must have been studied and passed as a separate subject.’

The common law system is the system of jurisprudence that is based on the doctrine of judicial precedent, the principle under which the lower courts must follow the decisions of the higher courts. The common law legal system originated in England, that is why it is generally referred to as the English common law. Most countries which were under colonial control by the British empire in the past have common law systems because that is the legal system that was used to dispense justice in those countries. Most commonwealth countries therefore are common law countries.

You can read more about the application process and the length of the programs here – (This information was released in 2016)

Please note that this information is subject to change so the appropriate place to get this information is from the Nigerian Law School. We are not affiliated with the Nigerian Law School and as such all admission queries should be directed to them –

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